International immersive Works Competition


Swiss Premiere
Qiu Yang / Taiwan / 2019 / 23 min / Experimental
No dialogue


There are only a few places !

A man is standing before our eyes, continuously morphing and transforming in an increasingly wild and worrying ritual. Artist Olivier de Sagazan delivers a striking performance, an abomination turned metaphysical through virtual reality.

In the middle of the night, a fire burns in a large empty room. In the distance, footsteps echo. A man in a suit is talking on the phone. We can’t understand the language he speaks but we can see his visibly sad and weary face. Who is this man? Where does he come from? The man sits down and begins a repetitive and distressing ritual. In the harrowing yet fascinating world of O, the audience gets to see a transfiguring performance by French artist Olivier de Sagazan. A radical experience that makes full use of the possibilities of virtual reality.

Qiu Yang
Qiu Yang
Key collaborators
HTC VIVE, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee
Qiu Yang
HTC Corporation
Livia Ruzic, Mei Zhu, Hanson Tsai
Production design
Shan Ying Hao
Qiu Yang, Edmond Yang
Executive Production
Hou Hsiao Hsien, Liao Ching Sung
Olivier De Sagazan
Supported by
Cloudbox Network Technology, Golden Horse Film Academy, Yothan Woodshop
International sales
HTC Corporation (Lee Tzu Mao), HTC Corporation (Alma Chu)

Qiu Yang / China, 1981
2019    She Runs
2017    Gentle Night