Talk: Digital Culture at the service of History

Talk: Digital Culture at the service of History

Talk: La culture digitale au service de l'Histoire


There are only a few places !

What if digital culture redefined our access to history? While a growing number of museums and tourist sites have included immersive works in their program and their offer to the public, this roundtable discussion will address two issues: how digital culture can be used for historical purposes and how a country’s audiovisual heritage can live through digital creation.

7pm - 8.15pm

Roundtable in French and English, translation available


Martine Béguin (Vice Editor-in-Chief Culture at Radio Télévision Suisse - RTS, CH)


Bruno Masi, INA Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Bruno Masi first worked as a journalist for French newspaper Libération for ten years. In 2011, he directed the web-documentary La Zone – Return to Chernobyl, and in 2014, designed the “1914, Dernières Nouvelles” program dedicated to WWI, which received the Golden FIPA in Biarritz. In 2018, he wrote and directed the series La Barricade which addresses the most violent events in May 1968 in France. Masi is also Director of Studies at Ina.
David Matthey, Musée d'art et d'histoire – MAH
A cultural project coordinator at MAH for several years, David Matthey holds a PhD in Classical Archeology. Since 2011, separately from other types of projects associated with the collections, he has developed a digital cultural outreach program that combines experiments with creations and the perpetuation of fixed or on-board devices. His projects focus on three main areas of work: the development of augmented scientific and cultural content, the development of virtual scientific and cultural content, and the promotion of digital arts in the museum.
Alain Dufaux, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL
Alain Dufaux's field of expertise is in signal processing for audio, with a dual profile in both academic (PhD in automatic sound recognition in 2001, lecturer & co-director for PhD students at EPFL since 2007) and industrial worlds (low-power DSP specialist in the hearing aid industry during 6 years). He presently acts as the executive director of the Cultural Heritage & Innovation Center at EPFL (previously known as Metamedia Center).
Yves Demay, Radio Télévision Suisse - RTS
Yves Demay has held various positions on the program at RTS, from animator to coordinator of color 3, and currently pilot within the strategy and programming department the Hors Cadre project dedicated to Swiss painters in VR.
Alexander Mathys, Mathys Partner Visualisierung
An Architecture graduate from ETH, Alexander Mathys established Mathys Partner GmbH in Technopark Zürich in 1994. His work focuses on 3D visual communication for architecture as well as urban development and preservation, and his passion projects focus on the development of culture and lifestyle over time. 3D reconstruction has led his research to focus on the significant communication possibilities of past virtual projects, as contemporary tools now enable a rich, narrative experience of our cultural heritage beyond technical hypes.