The aim of the GIFF Foundation is to promote television, film and digital creation in Switzerland. To this end, it organizes the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) and the Geneva Digital Market, both during the first half of November.

President Anja Wyden Guelpa, director of civicLab et former Chancelière à l’État de Genève

Vice-president Joëlle Bertossa, producer at Close Up Films Films

Membres of the Fondation
Philippa de Roten, director of programs at RTS
Jean-Pierre Greff, director of HEAD-Genève
Max Karli, producer at Rita Productions and Bandita Films
Neal Hartman, engineer at CERN
Adam Said, CEO of ACE & Company
Yarom Ophyr, managing director de Katana


Executive and Artistic Director Emmanuel Cuénod
Deputy Artistic Director Nathalie Gregoletto
Head of Communications and Partnership Nina Langeset
Deputy Director Tom Guex


Deputy Director Tom Guex
Administrative Officer Caroline Heussi
Head of Partnership Frédérique Poffet
Protocol Officer Amandine Bula
COVID Implementation Manager Guillaume Favrod


Delegate to the artistic direction and head of programs Nathalie Gregoletto
Programs Coordinator Mona Journo
Features Programmer Gaëlle Vidalie
TV Series Programmers Maral Mohsenin
Head of Digital and Professional Programs Paola Gazzani Marinelli
Digital and Professional Program Co-cordinator Camille Kaiser
Digital and Professional Program Co-cordinator Marie Mayoly
Digital and Professional Program Intern Elisa Gleize
Scholar’s Programs Coordinator Marie Hippenmeyer
Head of Print Traffic Giordana Lang


Head of Communication Nina Langeset
Head of Digital Communication Natacha Oberson
Communication Assistant Céline Zamora
Communication Intern Jordy Richarme
Press Officer Chamsi Diba
Press Assistant Mariama Balde
Head of Documentation Max Hauri
Graphic Artist Laura Cocchi
Graphic Assistant Melissa Frongillo
GIFF TV Zelda Chauvet, Cornland Studio, Emilien Itim, Mathieu Geser, Vincent Calmel, Aurore Dubois
Webmaster NetOxygen
Translators Caroline Cada, Alexander Craker


Head of Ticketing & Hospitality Laure Bailly
Ticketing & Hospitality Assistant Hakim Mastour
Accreditation Coordinator Adeline Périnel
Head of Hospitality Nicole Marsens
Hostess Marie-Eve Musy


Volunteers Coordinator Thierry Bouscayrol
Volunteers Officer Chloé Battisti


Production Executive Zoé Nguyen
Head of Logistics Rémi Scotto di Carlo
Head Sound, Light and Conference Adrien Boulanger
Head Projectionist Michael Pfenninger
Video Editor Fabien Jupille
VR Technical Manager Alex Schuhmann
Logistics Maxime Wagner
IT Laurent Marti
Cleaning Gérardo Barbera

Many thanks to all the interns and volunteers for taking part in the Festival!