Signed by Swiss artist Benjamin Muzzin, the visual identity of the Geneva International Film Festival – GIFF has been revamped, placing at the heart of the poster its new logo designed by Chi-Long Trieu, artistic director at Office for Typography. Purely typographic, it replaces the old symbol which still referred to the late “Festival Tous Écrans” (literally “All Screens Festival”), with its set of frames in different formats.

At a time when image technologies are opening up new fields in terms of interaction and immersion, the Festival is replacing the rigidity of frames with the fluidity of audiovisual formats. The poster for the 28th GIFF echoes its editorial line, which will celebrate narrative innovation in a converging program that will bring together cinema, series and the new virtual territories offered by digital creation.

The logo and poster reflect the positioning of the Festival and its market, the Geneva Digital Market, which offer a unique showcase in Switzerland for a plurality of technologies, experiments and universes.

Take a closer look at the visual and you will see inside it a logo made of glass, as if through a window, featuring a cocktail of everything that makes up the essence of the GIFF constellation: an intermingling of materials and evocations, a hybridisation between the real and the virtual, an intertwining of genres, and vibrant colours. This molten mass evokes pure creativity and the power of imagination.



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