Infos Covid – GIFF 2021

Infos Covid

All useful information on the measures and restrictions in force in Switzerland and for entry into Switzerland can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.


Access to GIFF’s activities, screenings, exhibitions and parties is by presentation of a valid digital or paper COVID Certificate with QR code, as well as a ticket. 

GIFF does not offer a COVID testing service.


Inside, please respect the following measures. The mask is not required but please wash your hands regularly and keep a social distance.


During the evenings of the “Nuit Blanches” program, the tracking is done through the
You will need to provide: your name, first name, date of birth and cell phone number.

Please note: The COGA service is only used to track contacts during the evenings. It cannot be used as a COVID certificate and is completely independent.

How to use COGA?
–  Open the link:
–  Create your personal registration card and you will receive your QR code
–  On arrival: Present your QR code at the box office or scan the QR code that will be displayedfrom the GIFF venues where you are asked to do so.

How does COGA work? All the information here

If you do not have access to this application, you will have the possibility to register at the ticket office or with the reception staff.


In case of symptoms before coming or while you are at the Festival, don’t take any risk! Wear a mask, don’t come or leave the Festival site, go home and quickly make an appointment to be tested!

Where to get a COVID test?

I have a ticket or a Festival Pass but I am positive to COVID, what should I do?

Please contact the GIFF box office here.

Legal Basis

The GIFF applies the restrictions and protection measures decreed by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Service of the cantonal physician of the Head Of Health Department of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. The protection plan can be consulted on request here.


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