International Immersive Experience Competition

Eternal Walkers

International Premiere
Hayoun Kwon
France, South Korea
2023, 15'
No Dialogue
Inspired by the masterpiece The Nineteen Taoist Immortals by Kim Hong-do, we travel through Korean history, following in the steps of gods and mythologies to better understand the exoduses made by people today.

Hayoun Kwon, the big winner at Tribeca Immersive 2022, revisits Korean history through one of the 18th century's most iconic paintings, by the artist Gim Hong-do. Walking in the footsteps of the Korean gods, following their mythology, we gradually get closer to a view of the modern world and the exoduses of the oppressed. An otherworldly odyssey which retains all the power of the original work whilst transposing it across several dimensions. A creation for the Samsung Leeum Museum, in Seoul.
Mathieu Gayet

Hayoun Kwon
Hayoun Kwon
Key collaborators
Key collaborators
Adrien Cachinho (Lead Artist ), Lory Oliveira (3D Modelling )
Vincent Bucher
INNERSPACE VR (Richard Turco)
Supported by
World sales
Richard TURCO

Hayoun Kwon, GIFF 2021
Hayoun Kwon
1981, South Korea
Prior works
2021, Kubo Walks the City (animated documentary)


This work is part of the program VIRTUAL TERRITORIES IV, composed of several works.

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