The GIFF Foundation aims to promote film, television and digital creation in Switzerland. To this end, it organizes the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) and the Geneva Digital Market (GDM), both during the first two weeks of November, as well as the GIFF Unlimited.

Guerric Canonica, president, partner in the firm Canonica Valticos de Preux + Associate
Neal Hartman, secretary, director of CineGlobe Film Festival and engineer at CERN

Members of the Foundation Board

Philippa de Roten, director of the Society and Culture Department at RTS
Max Karli, producer at Rita Productions and Bandita Films
Yarom Ophir, president of the Board and co-founder of Katana SA
Sylvie Buhagiar, lawyer
Nathalie Pichard, director of Arttech Foundation


Anaïs Emery – executive and artistic director
Tom Guex – director of operations


Maral Mohsenin – head of programs
Casper Andersen – head of digital program
Mathieu Gayet – head of industry
Sarah Quintric – GDM operational manager
Simon Coderey – GDM assistant
Sarah Studer – head of cultural outreach & GIFF unlimited coordinator
Lucie Emch – programs coordinator
Justine Roh– programming intern
Louise Rinaldi – hospitality manager
Sarah Ciuclea – hospitality coordinator
Emmanuelle Maryam Esmaïl-Zavieh – print traffic coordinator
Océane Wannaz – responsible for documentation
Gaëlle Vidalie, Fran Gayo – cinema programs
Benjamin Magnin, Julia Schubiger – series programs
Frank Braun, Anna Percival – programs consultant
Sten-Kristian Saluveer – professional program consultant (Geneva Digital Market)
James Berclaz-Lewis, Justine Roh, Gaëlle Vidalie, Mathieu Gayet – rédaction synopsis


Rosalie Grobet –  head of communication
Zahra Badoui – head of communication
Bastien Bento – head of press
Léa Eigenmann – press officer
Alissa Sadiki – communication and press assistant
Fabien Jupille – video editing
DaisyBell – webmaster
Benjamin Muzzin – CGI
Polomarco – graphic design
Office for Typography – visual identity


Joseph Chaumont – administrative coordinator
Andrea Wagenknecht – direction assistant
Lydia Frost – head of fundraising and partnerships
Yael Golan – protocol officer and F&B
Alex Schuhmann dos santos– operational and technical manager of the digital program
Sarah Menouer – head of production
Félix Tatzber – production coordinator
Alba Lage – accreditations manager & public reception
Thaïs Juillerat – accreditations coordinator
Joséphine Vuigner – ticketing coordinator
Anaïs Deville – volunteer manager
Melchior Deville – volunteer assistant 
Adrien Boulanger – infrastructure manager
Laurent Marti – IT


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