International Immersive Experience Competition


World Premiere
Artem Ivanenko, Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Ukraine, Poland, United States
2023, 9'
VO. Ukrainian, Russian
ST. English
When the reality of conflict knocks at your door. Much more than a visual representation, it is the truth of a city in ruins - Kiev - that you are witnessing thanks to the state-of-the-art technology.

What if the representation of reality – however dire – became a form of truth? This installation, which features the homes of Ukrainians destroyed by bombs, turns us into spectators and witnesses to the day-to-day loss playing out on the streets of Ukrainian cities. Between art and documentary, science and education, a collective project that aims to preserve the memory of history in the making, illustrated by Banksy and the murals he painted in Ukraine in late 2022. A complete installation that forces us to question the state of the world as the conflict rages on.
Mathieu Gayet

Artem Ivanenko, Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Aggressive (Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro)
Key collaborators
Key collaborators
Artem Ivanienko (Scanning Artist ), Federico Gonzalez Montoya (Art Director )
Jason Yantz
Bartez Putkiewicz
Egor Grushin
ATM Virtual (Radosława Bardes), Tigrelab (Laura Gomez), Mriya Production (Maksym Dudko), PixelRace (Maciej Zemojcin)
Supported by
Polish Film Institute
World sales
Radosława Bardes

Artem Ivanenko, GIFF 2021
Artem Ivanenko
1982, Ukraine
Prior works
2023, Murals
Alex Topaller, GIFF 2021
Alex Topaller
1982, United States
Prior works
2007, Juanes: Me enamora (music video)
2016, 1976 (short)
Dan Shapiro, GIFF 2021
Dan Shapiro
1980, Poland
Prior works
2007, Juanes: Me enamora (music video)
2016, 1976 (short)


This work is part of the program VIRTUAL TERRITORIES IV, composed of several works.

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